Getting into export is an opportunity to start afresh

When facing a new context with completely different references communications, business models, laws and regulations you will have to relearn how to introduce yourself, how to sell your uniqueness, how to attract and convince new partners. To meet those challenges, we can help you build your new networks, set up your project in a structured and well informed endeavour, ensure the future tracking of your trade performance



From our CEO: a unique proposition

Entrepreneurs often wish they could go back to the golden years of their initial business project. Xpand Group allows you to rekindle your entrepreneurial passion. How? Through evaluating your potential at exportation, and piloting you in a structured approach to reach that goal.

With a well-planned export project, you can rediscover the energy, vision, invention and conviction of your business venture. Entrepreneurial passion can remobilize your employees, your partners, your suppliers, to multiply your prospects

With you, we will draw up a detailed plan of action, where you will know at every step, the required efforts and investments to be made.

With over 100 projects completed, we have hands-on experience on four continents, we have built a network of partners that we offer to share with you. It is this personalized stewardship that we have been offering to our clients for more than 10 years, in various areas of the world.

I invite you to get familiar with the services and solutions we propose, wishing to be part of your next expansion project. You cannot change the world, but you’ll be amazed at how much you’ll achieve through widening your grasp and understanding of the world

Together, let’s aim to the next level.

Martin Lampron