Getting into export is an
opportunity to start afresh

When facing a new context with completely different references communications, business models, laws and regulations you will have to relearn how to introduce yourself, how to sell your uniqueness, how to attract and convince new partners.
To meet those challenges, we can help you build your new networks, operate your project in a methodical and documented way, and monitor your business performance.



Preliminary Assessment

Just as you will not depart on a long range journey without proper preparation, the set-up of an export project requires a careful and thorough preliminary diagnosis. In particular, we need to work together to assess your capacity to adapt to new realities, your growth potential to meet new demand, the human and financial resources available to you, and above all, your own availability.

It is then necessary to identify the target markets, know the competitors and the potential partners, understand the regulatory context, pricing, marketing strategies, as well as financing scenarios available.

This preliminary assessment, that we’ll establish together, will save you time and uncertainties until the launch of the export project.


Once the preliminary assessment demonstrates the feasibility of the export project, it is necessary to establish our goals and actions necessary to achieve this. At this stage, we need to identify the parameters that will ensure and motivate all stakeholders meet and support the project.

Planning must take into account the objectives and the resources, the short-, mid- and long-term actions, the managerial, financial and technical aspects, as well as logistics. It is also necessary to establish the profile of the sought-after partners, according to the chosen representation model: distributors, manufacturers’ agent, sales representatives, local business place. Training needs and knowledge transfer considerations must also be integrated in the planning. The options adopted at this stage will translate into an implementation schedule, for which we will ask the commitment of our client.


Once the project is correctly developed on paper, go to the field to complete the planned steps: it’s the great leap forward. At this stage, our proactive presence will allow the project to progress diligently, with measurable results.

In particular, we must implement the creation of the local enterprise: legal incorporation, permits, partnership contracts, banking arrangements, negotiations with potential clients. Your products will have to meet other requirements regarding certification, labelling, packaging, etc.

Sales and business intelligence

Marketing needs will call for consultations and decisions: commercial documentation, websites, branding, advertising, etc. Even with good structure and efficient partners, the success of the business project will require continuous assessment and the fine adjustments of the deployed marketing strategies.

We ensure the follow-up of your export project through business intelligence, through various adjustments to logistics and communications, and if necessary by accompanying you on an evaluation mission.
Finally, we will be in a position to advise you on the pursuit of your future expansion projects: same markets or new markets? Same products or new products?

Welcome to the next level.